It was the goal to draw attention to the need for environmental protection and to initiate new thinking processes. During a one-week project, our team dealt with the volume of traffic in Berlin and its consequences for the citizen. Egofix plays with the apparently unsolvablility to completely eliminate environmental problems and escapes into an absurd, playful and almost childlike world, in which the simple solution appears to be obvious. Egofix is not about solving the complex problems seriously or even holistically – its rather about the ironic compromise, the illusion, which only goal is to dissolve the own discomfort temporarily and quieten one’s „eco-conscience“. Egofix neither relieves the environment nor does it offer a serious approach to reducing the traffic volume and its environmental impact. The only thing it claims, is a continuation of the debate on that topic. The project was shown during the Designtransfer in Berlin and was a collaboration with the Hybrid Platform.
Max Brüggemann
Michael Anders
Sebastian Fengler
Maximilian Löw