»A man can wear what he wants – he remains just an accessory of the woman« COCO CHANEL

»The little black dress« is only by its title a big unique feature in the fashion world. Even a fashion-amateur designer will notice that this piece of cloth is revolutionary and spreads a sacred aura. It describes the history of women‘s emancipation, where simplicity is the key of all true elegance. In the 20th Century fashion designers revert to the male repertoire of fashion in order to drive forward the development of women‘s clothing. I had to ask myself how this piece of clothing, which was inspired by men‘s fashion could be translated back into men‘s wear with all its advantages.

Nowadays men‘s clothing is usually split into two – Top and bottom, shirt and pants. The little black dress however is a one-piece garment which alone covers the entire body by itself. Deliberately two versions of the little black dress were created. Always inspired of the women‘s dress and the men‘s suit the first outfit starting from the pants ends with the chest area and the other starting from the jacket ends just above the knee. Under no circumstances the outfits should be combined or supplemented with other garments.