»Ich lebe hier« (I‘m living here) is a documentary photo exhibition of the School of Architecture in Bremen. 35 Students have taken the challenge to make a photographic documentation of ten new developement areas from the postwar period and their current inhabitants. 

The result is a subjective impression of urban districts which usually subject to negative stereotypes. As a team of four (Ellen Grace Albers | Maximilian Löw | Lene Schwarz | Saskia Spieker) we have devoted to the projekt to give this exhibition a dignified and accurate look. 

We used the space of the old post office in the center of Bremen which is attracitve in its clear expansive hallways. As a creative starting point we consistently used the asthetics of an historic »Urban Grain Plan« of the 70‘s. So all forms and colors were matched and systematized with the nostalcic plan.