Applied research methods serve to develop targeted insights into current and future market developments. Conclusions are visually processed and serve as a base for further strategic planning.

+ market research and positioning

+ target group analysis

+ usability testing and user interviews

+ trend research



We do not work for you, but with you. Together we organize workshops and visit potential production partners. We work with your internal design team, if this exists. The focus is on absolute transparency and fertilizing collaboration. Only then is it possible to survive in an increasingly complex world. Based on  requirements profiles, we develop well-founded concept ideas. I am able to visualize these through contemporary tools and edit them in presentations.

+ visual storytelling

+ designmanagement

+ infographics

+ 2D & 3D visualization

+ 3D modelling and rendering

+ volume, – design and functional models

+ consultation



In the development phase, generated design concepts are implemented in significant products. Under consideration of appropriate manufacturing processes, materials, and formal aspects, the product development is reviewed and tested using computer-aided models and physical mockups. Final states get recorded in  presentations and may be used for discussions with manufacturers.

+ 3D CAD development

+ Prototyping

+ RFQ Request for Quotation 

+ MCS Material Color Specification 



It is our claim not to give developments unfinished out of hand. On request we support you in the implementation and planning of your projects.

+ research suitable suppliers

+ 3D data in common exchange formats

+ production-specific adaptation

+ care and cooperation with manufacturers



We are happy to assist you with strategic questions regarding your company’s portfolio orientation.